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From The Files Of The Insurrectionary Faddist

Feeling like such the sheep.

I must confess, I have been intrigued for a while with the whole de.icio.us thing. Will I sign up?

Oh, probably. After all, the cool kids are doing it, are they not? Does a bear poop in the woods? (And more importantly, does a bear need its bookmarks in the woods?)

But will I keep it up? Doubtful. I’m sure that some years from now, when de.icio.us accounts are necessary for survival, I will discover my subscription in some dusty corner of my gmail account –which I originally got because all the cool kids were doing it (and I got a legit invitation that I didn’t really have to grovel for). Now everyone has a gmail account and no one gives neither one nor 100 flying fzucks about having/getting a gmail account. Reminds me of when having a hotmail account was c00l. Was there really ever such a time?

Back to del.icio.us: if blog traffic is any indication, I honestly don’t think that many people will be checking my list of favorite websites. That is to say, my few readers will probably get my favorite websites through email or by me gushing about them on this blog thing. Hm. Come to think of it, a super-duper popular blogger probably doesn’t need del.icio.us either. It seems kind of pointless and lame, much like Technorati; site that still refuses to work with me and show my updated posts no matter how many times I ping the m-fers.

Flickr –even though Typepad has perfectly functional photo album features–? Check. Flickr–and the accompanying Yahoo! membership thingy came in handy for my recovering-addict forums though. MySpace account? Check. God… NEOPETS account. Check, though I’m sure my Neopets are dead by now. Friendster…. check. (<—that one is one of the dustier ones. I don't even think I have my password anywhere). God, I even joined one of those classmate websites out of curiosity. Never mind that I chose not to go to my 10-year high school reunion because I thought it would be lame. So I don't do the lame-but-potentially-fun thing, but I do the lame-and-look!-still-lame-lamewad thing. Go figure. I even have some weird thing called Ringo, and which likes to terrorize me with cryptic messages about rectifying my address.

To my coolness credit (fsh ish..), some of those subscriptions have been acquired through invitations. Now, with some I’ve just flat out said no– the Where Are You Now thingy seemed cute, but too much like MySpace. And a person only needs one account that provides potential for scummy encounters of the perv kind. And that sms thing seemed like it had way too many bugs. And LiveJournal always seemed too cumbersome and complicated and too hinged on actually having something resembling friends (no offense to The Vixen, LJ e-iste extraordinaire, whom I hope still reads this humble blog). It works for super-duper cool people like her and rstevens, but it never worked for me. Nor did Blogger, actually, because I’m lameish when it comes to figuring out some html-ish things. Or well, I was but then I got hooked on typepad and I liked it and time kept passing. So I like my little typepad niche and it works for me.

So back to del.icio.us once more. So far, I just like typing the word with its randomly inserted periods. Is it supposed to be some clever programming/coding insertion? Who knows, honestly (anyone?). But I enjoy the fact that it makes the word look dismembered and somehow not like the plain-Jane and humble “delicious.”

Will I join?

Hell no. After writing an entry about it, I just flat-out refuse.

Rock on, people who have del.icio.us enriching your lives. If you use it and feel like delurking, please tell me what makes it so awesome. Maybe I’ll be convinced.

But for now, I’ll just be happy to type “del.icio.us” and get that weird anarchic thrill of placing periods where they shouldn’t be.


Oh yeah. HAHAHA! Suck it, biatches in the West (oh, lovely, lovely, West)!!!! Los Angeles is supposed to go to 99 degrees? San Francisco to 90??!?!??!?! How do you people LIVE there?

*evil snarking laughter aimed at all those people who keep asking me that now that I live in DC even though the weather here isn’t nearly as vile as I was previously told, except for that couple of days where it was 97 degrees and life kinda sucked but not too much if you stuck to air-conditioned areas. Air conditioning, people. Hello?*

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One thought on “From The Files Of The Insurrectionary Faddist

  1. Vixen on said:

    I still read your bloq although I rarely have time to comment let alone make many updates in my LJ. This week though I’m making an effort to somehow find my time for myself, even if it kills me……well, okay, I don’t wanna die.
    Oh yeah. My system crashed a few months ago and I lost all my email contacts. If you still have my email can you send me a note? I’d love to get back into the erratic email chats. 🙂

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