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All In A Day’s Work…

Wake Up And Smell The Milk
Originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

There are so many things I could say right now. I could write about how I have not been keeping up with my blog very often– I guess sometimes I feel a bit like I haven’t known my life as a blogger and as a non-pregnant blogger. But that is not true: after all, I am more than the sumof my parts (<– inspired clichĂ© that I hope diffuses the fact that this entry has no point).

My baby is one month old.

That’s a whole bunch of diapers.
And even more latchings on and off.
And, if humanly possible, even more times in which I’ve stared at him and wonder how a little human could EVER be sooooo cute and adorable and lovely and sweet and…. ooh! That gummy grimace! That deep-sleep smile! Did I mention he’s started to look at his mobile and stare approvingly? And that his cord fell off on the 21st, I believe? Or that he can really hold his head up a lot now and I SWEAR he can proto-crawl and all that?

And the sumum of my efforts can be condensed in that little white fluid: that is, apparently, what is making all that fun possible.

A toast (with an alcoholic beverage, please!) to those who breasfteed. It’s all my days’ work so far.

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