A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

A Feline’s Work Is Never Done

Dearest human-folk who read this weblog,

I must apologize on behalf of my darling yet slothful female human around here. If you were expecting another droll and self-amusing entry by my human, I earnestly apologize: this is Mademoiselle Gracie, stepping in to “pinch hit,” as the common human sports analogy goes . I write mostly because we received a MOST LOVELY parcel from a Madame CheekyProf almost an entire week ago, and the darling human has not deigned notify she’s received it. Appalling, I tell you.

Here is a picture of me playing enrapturedly with my new catnip mousie (somewhat mediocre, if you ask me… I look blurred… tsk, tsk)!!!!

Gracie And Shmousie

It’s been nothing but Nirvana, I tell you, between the pleasingly odorous mackerel bits and the shmouser. How could I ever thank you enough, Madame Cheekyprof?


My darling human would also like to tell Mademoiselle Comebacknikki that it was a sheer delight and a pleasure to spoil her, as well as to read her blog!


I tell you: “No rest for the wicked, and the righteous need none” is my motto these days– of course, I am always righteous and NEVER wicked, but I shouldn’t need to point that out! I must supervise our new baby boy night and day. A cat can almost tire of so much purring, but then again….. this cat cannot tire of seeing her little fleshling kicking his tiny human paws up in the air!

And also, he smells like milk…. yummy!

Pardon the minor feline intrusion, humans. Carry on.

Fur-fully yours,

Mademoiselle Gracie

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