A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

I’ll Take A Cup O’ Kindness Anytime….

And so, it ends.

Bubbly in the fridge, check.

Law & Order: CI marathon playing, check.

Formerly squirming but now pleasantly asleep infant, check.

Midnight kiss recipient, check.

Acquaintances brought to mind? Of course.

I just wanted to let anyone who reads this –be they close family, friends, cyber-friends, fellow mommies, or the hundreds of people who go searching for “zen + sarcasm” (or even “placenta + eating” or “sexsexsex + cervix”…… or “Roger + Federer + God”) and arrive here, that I appreciate your taking some time to read the musings of my sometimes-bizarre but always-loudmouthed mind. I love looking at the my daily hits and knowing that someone is reading. And sometimes those readers also leave comments, or link up. And it feels nice to make those connections.

Thank you, dear Internets: you’ve helped make this year that much more enjoyable and interesting (and deeply disturbing and annoying on occasion, too. Jesus Tapdancing Christ… there are some loony people out there).

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! See you in 2006!

(Unless you’re, oh… in pretty much ALL other timezones, in which case I’m seeing you in 2006 and you’re saying, “there goes the American lady person, thinking EVERYONE is in America, bloody Americans think they are the center of the universe, don’t they realize they are so not it, bla bla bla.” So, yes….sorry about that.)

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2 thoughts on “I’ll Take A Cup O’ Kindness Anytime….

  1. No need to thank me love….. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts!! Soooo…. THANK YOU for bing so damn witty… and cute. 😉

  2. PS… yet another common ground. You’ll be in my heart and mind the next time I’m swooning over Vincent D’onofrio. He’s so smart ….

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