A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

There’s NO More Room At The Inn……

This Turkey Is Cooked.

Stick a fork in me, for I am DONE.

Thar she blows!



Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat! This bun is really taking over me!

Since yesterday’s first internal –a lovely experience involving the person caring for you making you feel a little like Howdy Doody– the Meowster is restless.

I’ve gotten more kicks, punches, butt-shifts and general ATTITUDE from this kitty than I really have felt in my entire pregnant… er… “career.” I am not kidding…. I get up for five minutes and I have to sit down. I sit down for a little while and a shifting butt pushes me back up.

This is getting ridiculous, and I am not so sure there is much place else to go for the young Meow. Well…… there is one place, but I don’t think it’s ready (“y’all ain’t ready” …..thank you Kevin Federline for giving me a little stupid tag to ALWAYS remember you by).

I know there is not much left to go and this is really the poor kid’s last huzzah, but MAN! I honestly think every day that I simply could not get ANY bigger, and day after day I am rewarded with more girth to laugh in the face of my naïveté.

Here’s to the final stretch: THIRTY EIGHT WEEKS TODAY, b-yatches!

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