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Happiness!!!!/Things That Go *TOOT* In The Night

I still cannot believe I could ever be this happy knowing that someone’s baby who was born so far away from here would drive me to feeling SO elated, but it’s true!

One of my forum friends had her baby yesterday and the gushing happiness was almost too much. It’s weird, how this whole process brings you close with people you wouldn’t know otherwise and exposes you to more of your humanity than you ever thought possible. The truth is, I am still in awe and completely dazed and happy for her… and realizing more and more that not only there is NO ROOM at this inn, but that very soon my one guest of honor will be leaving through the strait gate and commencing its little life on its own. Yesterday overall was a great day…. got birth announcements ready to go, and Christmas cards, and had a lovely lunch at one of my favorite places, Mariposa. AND NUTZ HAD HER BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *paroxysms of happy*

I envision a Saturday morning birth, and gushingly spelling out “S-AT-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT” into its little baby ear sometime later that day, thus indoctrinating the kid into a lifetime of love for both disco music and the loveliness that is Saturday. A Saturday child who won’t really have to work hard for a living as the rhyme portends. A Saturday baby, just like its mama and its dada. A little piece of humanity, joining us into this life on the best day of the week.

Although if it happens to be Wednesday or Monday –like I thought it would be about 12 hours ago– or Thursday like it’s grandma, that will be fine too. But my sudden intuition– that same pesky and weird intuition that guessed my friend’s baby would be a Sunday Afternoon Football baby– feels that this baby belongs to Saturday.


But man, did I ever have to stop my brain from chanting over and over “Monday’s Child is Fair of Face.”

Earlier today, I awakened with crampiness and backache and contractions and the whole nine yards. I started to monitor myself and document my symptoms in my head. I also started running a checklist of what to do: Should I call Labor and Delivery? Should I wake up my husband? My mother? Should I just DRIVE to L&D? Will my water break on the clean sheets or will it be just a trickle? What is the kid doing trying to bolt its little head to my pelvis! OW!!!!!!!

Embarrassing result?

Are you ready for this?


That’s right. My false alarm, gas.
I swear pregnancy has its fun with you and then some.

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3 thoughts on “Happiness!!!!/Things That Go *TOOT* In The Night

  1. LOL, thanks for reminding me of even the “embarrassing” wonders of pregnancy. My last child was born three years ago on the 30th and I think there are still times I miss feeling the little booger kick. May you have an easy and blessed birth.

  2. Awww thank you for your sweet comment! :o) I hope you’re right!

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Paroxysms of happy… cool. i miss those. i’m probably not going to be… how to put this… around much longer, so say hi to your baby for me. or don’t. he/she won’t really know what you’re talking about. and for the record, I was planning on sending a set of pjs that had a clever baby silhouette with “iPood” written over it, not a bomb or a spoonful of anthrax. Those don’t make good gifts. I certainly don’t have the money to go there, but if i did, i probably wouldn’t bother you, and i had thought (vainly hoped, really) that my non-dangerousness might come through and earn enough trust so that i could send a gift from me, not from a predetermined list. anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest. But I ain’t mad atcha. I don’t know how to wish well when a baby is coming… saying that i hope everything goes smoothly seems like an implication that it won’t. how about this: i hope it’s quick and relatively painless. I hope the child experiences abnormally good fortune in his/her life.
    Well, thanks for sort of being my friend for a minute there. See you never.

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