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Having a Proud (Kitty) Mama Moment!

Okay…. so my cat, Mademoiselle Gracie, is on Catster, right?

Yes…. it’s on the sidebar, but here’s the actual link too: Mademoiselle Gracie, on Catster; please go look at her page sometime, kay? She has been a slacker on her blog, but she is very, very cute and she needs treats.

And I am very proud to say that my little kitty is Cat of the Week on Catster!!!!

After a rough day yesterday in which her poor little eyelid encountered the sharp edge of a claw and she defended her territory like a champ, she certainly deserves it! And I could not be prouder!!!!!!!


If this is the way I am with my cat…. I think you people are not going to want to be around for the kid. I could be deadly with the sappiness ;o)

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