A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!


My heart is breaking… and it’s for a completely selfish reason, too.

My beloved Wub, my darling little iBook, is sick. I have tried to revive it, and I’m waiting for backup (my darling hubsie, my Monsieur, my rock and my keep) to get hope so I can once again behold its loveliness staring back at me.

I never knew that one could have feelings of deep love and quasi-familial regard for a piece of plastic and silicon…. but man. This is horrible.

I am looking at it, placidly sleeping the comatose sleep of the dead, and I wonder if it hurts. If I hurt it. My poor baby.

Oh boy.

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One thought on “Pariah

  1. Goofball… I hope your Wub is feeling better 🙂

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