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Lonely No More

It’s almost the end of September. This means several things:

* At this point in time, the sunny and hot weather of the Hawaiian islands turns psychopath and everyone wants to die. Preferably alone. And definitely in the cold. Death by snowstorm sounds beautiful right about now.

* Resignation has reared its ugly head. I can accept I am 29. Oh gawd.

* I’ve begun the Freakish Countdown To Labor. I am slowly checking off the days in week 29. D-Day (in a very creepy sense a D-Day on Pearl Harbor day is freakier than I imagined) is almost 10 weeks away and my vagina is not thrilled. Not in the least. But she is resigned too. 29 has a whole different meaning to her, lemme tell you.

* I have also begun to ask myself if I have it in me to either a) have the baby NOW or b) stay pregnant for 42 weeks. Both prospects send a small silver thread of cold water down my spine. No. Not like an epidural. I don’t know what an epidural feels like, ‘member?

* October is almost here! Month of trickery, mischief, and MILKY WAYS! :oD :oD

* I love Milky Ways

* And dressing up, even if it means that I might have to fashion a costume out of a Cal King sheet on sale at Ross.

Anyhoo… I have been OF COURSE reflecting a lot about my impending motherhood, and the fact that we won’t be just two anymore….. really, lonely no more not ever again. And I’ve been dealing with the heat. And labor. But I’ve also been thinking about how my lack of wub has made me a little more….. uh…. well, wub-less, really. I miss it, but it won’t kill me (thanks in part to my hubsie’s wub… heehee). But it had better be ready sometime soon. A girl needs her wub to go about her activities, you know.
I have also been thinking about my mommy forum, and how some of the mommies have become almost like sisters-in-gravidity to me.
There is Mrs. Crazy Bridle, and Mrs. Georgia Peach, and Mrs. Luv, and Mrs. Jax and Mrs. Geeky among others –these girls being perhaps my bestest buddies and in no particular order–, and it’s amazing how much we’ve already shared about our bodies and our fears and our random brain and life crap.

All by virtue of having to deal with the impending and inevitable swelling of our uteri, we have created a supportive something out of the ether. But I guess that’s how friendships start.

And I must say…. it feels good to have a Sisterhood of the Gravidity.

It’s not so lonely anymore.

Which brings me to the fact that every time something momentous connected to this pregnancy has cropped up, I seem to be hearing that one song my Rob Thomas, “Don’t Wanna Be Lonely No More.”

Cringe-worthy grammar aside, it’s not a bad song.

And it’s almost prophetic in nature.


All in all, I am thankful for the baby not having a flipping-around day, and for fans and air conditioning. This entry could have come out a lot more topsy-turvy, lemme tell you. And my doctor’s gall of calling on a Friday afternoon at 4:30 pm now seems like minor torture to me ( of COURSE I missed her call). I wish I could send her ESP vibes. Grr.

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