A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

Yes, It’s DAMNED Far

Sometimes being this far away sucks hard. But it sucks even harder when it inspires bad poetry. So here it is, for your cringing pleasure:

There’s this thing, you see
well, no… you cannot.
It’s the distance–
but it likes to make itself known.

That horrible, vacuum-like distance.
Five hours from The Coast
And six more from The Temples

Seven, if you’re lucky, from Samoas
And more, and more and more
… and more from my heart.

There’s nothing but the wind
and the floatsam-jetsam
and the jet stream
and the streamers
left behind.
There’s nothing.

And all the grains of sand could not bridge me
away from here.

But perhaps I
do not want
Them to save me.

For what is this oasis
if not the savior
of the wrecked man?


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