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Eye Spy: And Now, For a Bit of Silly! (Congratulations Class of 2005!)

When I was a teacher in a past life, a long long time ago and in a state far, far away, I had the opportunity of taking some of my kids to The Tech Museum of Innovation. While it turned out not to be as felicitous for some of the reckless high school darlings we shepherded through that day, I personally loved it and only wish we’d had more time there (….and thank you to the students who made that day really wonderful! I can’t believe so many of you graduated this week! It was so wonderful to be part of your lives).

So when in this current incarnation and with the bun in the oven being such a genetic conundrum who is so close to me and to Darling Monsieur Meow, I felt it was particularly happy to have this little gift coming in a roundabout way from my previous lifetime.

Now here goes: if you are curious to find out what color eyes your offspring will have, you need only click here and answer a few questions, such as what eye color your mom and dad and the person who helped you make the offspring have. Baby Meow has a 66.6% chance of being brown-eyed, a 25% chance of being green-eyed, and an 8.3% of being a blue-eyed devilish Baby Meow. Ack! This is a little like finding out clues about your treasure hunt, but knowing you have to wait. forever. and. a .DAY! to find out what your treasure will be.

Arr, matey! Beware the wrath of the pregnant she-pirate who hasn’t had her rum in FOUR MONTHS *roar*

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