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Ground Control To Major Tom/Things That Make Me Happy

Yes. Compound title means that my mind is racing. My mind racing means that I’d better write fast so I can get the ideas out. Ideas out means peace of mind.

Right now the Monsieur and I are watching a National Geographic special called “In the Womb.” It’s pretty much like any other pregnancy documentary I’ve seen –but having said that, the new technologies available and the narrration really make it a very nice, cool to watch documentary. So, that will be my first in the list of things that I like.

How does that tie in to the Major Tom reference? Well, for starters, unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past couple of weeks or so, you know that Tom Cruise has gone insane. Maybe he’s recently gone insane, or maybe this is the true reason why Nicole Kidman divorced him and Penélope Cruz dumped his crazy ass. I suppose we’ll never truly know. But second among my list of favorite things has to be Go Fug Yourself and those two lovely, witty ladies, Heather and Jessica. It’s not just that they are clever and regale us with their superior use of language alone: it’s that they really know how to capture the ridiculousness of Hollyfug and its starlets and serve it up straight and smooth, without the need of club soda. And of course, today’s incredibly hilarious piece by Jessica on the…. ahem… budding romance of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Miss Holmes’ subsequent sartorial cluelessness is priceless.

Some other of the things I like?

I like knowing that Vixen likes me :o)
I like it when cashiers at the grocery store are nice.
I like Madame C’s little baby girl and looooved feeding her some of her first solid food ever.
I like driving on Kolekole Road, looking west toward the Waianaes.
I like looking at the Waianaes and knowing they are so tall and the spiky leftovers of volcanoes.
I like burping and farting. There. I said it.
I like Dulce de Leche ice cream. Actually… I like almost all ice cream, except for that crappy disgusting low carb crap. Yuck.
I like fabric. And I like knowing I’ll get some sometime this week!
I like the sound of trumpets. Trumpets are easily the happiest instrument ever.
I also like ukuleles because they sound bouncy and jumpy and light. And I like the slide guitar sound at the end of Hawaiian songs. It’s easily the most poetic sound in regional music. And it makes me smile.
I like Banana Republic, Tony and Tina vibrational remedies, philosophy shower gels that smell like yummy stuff, L’Occitane’s lavender face gel because it’s saved my skin, Marley’s Own Blooming Belly Oil, and Bonny Doon Farm’s lemon verbena stuff, and almost all Burt’s Bees stuff. I know there are more things I really like, but I might need more bandwith for that.
I like food. Food is good. Good food is better. And the best food is the food that tastes good and is not creepy or toxic or fake.
I like cats. Cats are so cute and Buddha-like and self-sufficient and sultry. I would want to be a cat, except for the licking my own butt part.
I like being pregnant so far. It’s really quite surreal, but it’s fun. And the best part is to try to think of wacky names for the kid.
I like knowing that I’m bilingual. Sometimes I like mulling over the different ways of saying something. And I also like thinking about words.
I like those wacky “Real American Heroes” and “Real Men of Genius” commercials on the radio. I never really associate them with Budweiser, but they are about the funniest ways to spend thirty seconds ever.
I like pigeonholing people into traits of their astrological sign. And I know I do that because I’m a nit-picky Virgo, of course.
I like being half asleep in the middle of the night and touching my husband’s leg with my foot. It’s a very happy sensation.
I like babies’ chubby cheeks. Unless they look like Apple Martin’s, whose cheeks are entirely too big– though I’m sure she’ll overcome that soon enough.
I like the “Washington Post March.” It’s happy and bouncy and a little pompous all in a happy 6/8 tempo.
I like origami. I like looking at the garlands we have around the house.
I like pineapples. They are the happiest fruits on earth, and they smell like a gust of sweet happy.
I like potatoes. They are my sisters, my Quechuan Goddesses, and my hue-sakes. And they are yummy.
I like pretending I know how to hit a golf ball.
I like driving.
I like the perfect shade of purple in every Jacaranda blossom.
I like being able to write about not much at all and reread what I wrote and be happy about that. Happiness is such a weird, fleeting emotion, that it’s just reassuring to be able to think about the things that trigger that lovely fleetingness.

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One thought on “Ground Control To Major Tom/Things That Make Me Happy

  1. I liked your list. 😀 And I forgot how much I enjoyed pineapples. That just sounds so perfect at the moment.

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