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Yikes. I didn’t know it was so pissy!

I just read a piece by a James A.C. Joyce.

It was titled, “Why Your Movable Type Blog Must Die.” And while intensely angry, it was compelling.

What can I say?

It’s humility gnawing at my insides, plain and simple.

When I started committing my thoughts to cyberpaper (and granted, I use the more humble TypePad –a.k.a. Movable Type’s country mouse cousin), it should have dawned on me that taking up a piece of the…. ahem…. blogosphere pie was rather selfish. As in Hollywood-selfish, you know? As in selfish because they are people who have lost touch with reality and think that because we pay on average $7 to see their mugs pretending to be someone they are not on a large screen gives them the right to tell us what to think and what not to think.

Only that apparently this kind of deluded selfishness is not the domain of Hollywood. Now any monkey with a computer and cash on hand can get in on the LookitMeeBlog craze. And push their whatever-agenda on the rest of the world.

And along go I, mugging for Google to see. Or not. I’m but a bit player in this tragicomedy.

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One thought on “Yikes. I didn’t know it was so pissy!

  1. Red Vixen on said:

    My personal view on blogs is that 1) no one forces me to read it and 2) only a brave person (or someone who doesn’t care about anyone) would post their thoughts and comments for any passerby to read. It only becomes a “Look at ME!” thing if it’s being pushed at everyone to read it : )
    I like reading your comments and often agree with you. Several times I’ve found out something new and I often get a good chuckle from your observations, which is eerily like my humor. 😛

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