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Notes To Self

Several times during the day, I conjure up in my mind how writing pieces will come out once they are well…… written. I scheme and machinate and think. Sometimes I think I’m terribly clever and make myself chuckle. Others are not nearly as wonderful. But on and on, I go about my day and try to make mental notes. Only a select few notes are ever memorable enough to make it onto a written form.

1. That’s the second time in less than two weeks that the same radio station plays Bryan Adams’s “Run To You”. I used to love that song, but the lyrics are really evil and kinda creepy. Does anyone ever really realize where lyrics come from? And are kids –when singing songs about adultery, fetishism, masturbation, nuclear holocaust, raunchy sex, stealing, killing, maiming or doing hardcore drugs– somehow subliminally affected by those themes? Or are we all pretty much living in a bubble? I am suddenly reminded of the minor controversy over the President’s iPod and his choice of songs. One of them was ‘My Sharona” by The Knicks; clearly (to some) a song about an older man being all pervy with a very young girl. Honestly? That was so news to me: I guess I had never stopped to think that THAT is what the song was about. I was too busy singing, and that’s the truth. On the other hand, from the first time I heard “Turning Japanese”, I knew there was something very dirty to it. It wasn’t until I figured a few things out that the facial expression became obvious with its connection to the title.

That, and the need for a picture of her insides

….fshhh. I started this post two whole days ago, and I cannot believe I have not written anything else on here. I realize I’ve probably been avoiding it, but it’s still silly.

That, incidentally, is another note to myself: finishing stuff you started feels good, no matter how much time it takes to actually getting around to finishing it.

Which reminds me: do not look at project basket and bag(s). They will depress you.

Okay. This is the end to a post that should have come up two days ago (yes, I am writing this on the sixth, even though I will post this as if it were from the fourth. Do I care? No).

So there.

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