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All Hail, Cameraphone! (and yet, I’m still disgusted)

Okay.  Have new lovely toy, will travel!  Entirely too excited about my new camera-phone, the Monsieur Meow and I took his-n-hers (yes, go ahead, barf) for a lovely walk this morning.
I snapped a couple of shots of purdy flowers, one of which might become my wallpaper( it was a pretty poppy).  We snapped jokey pictures of each other, as we did yesterday as well. 
But then the Manifest Destiny of the lovely Motorola became painfully evident:

("BAN GAY STEM CELLS" bumper sticker)
Repeat now after me:


1. Are you seriously telling me that,
      a) people buy that kind of sticker?
      b) people MAKE that kind of sticker?

2. Shouldn’t Pro-lifers also embrace gay stem cells?

3. Will it make you sicker to know that this car was parked right next to a Christian school, by a church?  (I’ll let you extrapolate on what that means.  I’m still aghast)
4.  Do people think that whoring up the poor Old Glory gives otherwise asinine statements any kind of validity?
5. How can they be stem cells (by definition "cells that have potential to be any kind of cell") AND already gay?????  Either you’re a stem cell OR you’re a gay cell.   (do gay cells have a proclivity for wearing little utility worker helmets or headdresses or something? )


The moment my eyes beheld the sheer stupidity and hatred spewing from this bumper sticker was the moment I realized that some people in this world do not deserve a First Amendment right.
I need to go scrub.  I feel dirty.

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2 thoughts on “All Hail, Cameraphone! (and yet, I’m still disgusted)

  1. PeaKayness on said:

    Hmmm… all good points, m’dear. The sticker is cut off on the right – was that really what the sticker said? If so, then … sheesh. Stem cells are stem cells, aren’t they?? Do people go around saying, “Yes, I’d like a heart transplant, please, but only from a straight guy.” LOL….*sigh* Strange world we live in.

  2. Thank you, Mademoiselle Pea of Kay! Problem solved!

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