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Shalom, Om and Amen, Part deux-mille

Dear reader,

Id like to think that if you’ve read this blog with an open mind, you’ve probably garnered an insight or two from my thought process or perhaps you’ve had a laugh.  Or perhaps you’ve found a valuable piece of advice which has made your life simpler.

For this, I am glad.  So get ready for another piece of advice:

>>>  If you hear someone saying anything about you going to a church service featuring a  Litany of Saints, do yourself a favor and run or hide.  Or both.<<<<

Do not believe your mother…. ahem…. whoever it is who invited you to said service because she’s getting ordained that day or some shindig of the sort and think that it’s actually the "abridged" version that you shall be reciting.  Even the abridged version will make you wish you were feaured among the list of saints (martyred)  instead of having to mention said folks in a damnable downward-spiral list for over twenty minutes, while the choir guides you to pray, exalt and exult over said saints in Gregorian chant style.

Okay.  Maybe I exaggerate a bit because the service was quite nice and moving.  And now my dear ol’ mommy is Reverend Mommy (as she shall be referred to from now on).

Congratulations, Rev. Mommy!  I couldn’t be prouder of you!

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One thought on “Shalom, Om and Amen, Part deux-mille

  1. Patrick on said:

    YAY! (does anyone read the UN-abridged version?) Kyrie Eleison…

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