A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!


Do I need a reason to share a bit of pretty?
I’m going to go with, “no.” But just in case you need words to accompany your pictures around these here parts, think of the moon: is it possible to be indifferent to it?
I’m sure it is, but physics agrees with me: because of its close proximity to earth, the moon has a small but significant gravitational pull over bodies of water– we call this phenomenon, tides.

We are bodies made of water. The moon affects us even if we believe ourselves immune to that power.

And sometimes, quite inexplicably, we feel that pull. Strongly.

Watch out for that full snow* moon coming up. You might feel a pull.


*Native Americans used to call this upcoming moon the full snow moon. Because, apparently, it used to snow around here in winter.


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