A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

Keeping it in the Gutter

Today in class, we were viewing and analyzing works by great photographers.

One of the works we saw was by Minor White and titled simply “Sequence 4.”

We stared politely and then the professor urged us to comment.

Staring back at us was a series of images featuring long, narrow crevices; things that looked long, and narrow; hard surfaces; things that looked splattered and smeared.

Holes, holes, holes.

Do you have any guesses as to the nature of his work? I think refrigerator bulbs were being turned on across the auditorium, slowly but steadily. (Click here for a hint.)

But there was nary a peep.

There is a weird politeness that permeates an environment minutes or seconds before somebody blurts something that society perceives as inappropriate.

And then there is a release, and the inappropriateness comes gushing out and we can all explode together in shock and laughter.

I can only imagine there is a similar release when you reveal a small or big truth about yourself.

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