A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

Methodically Ridiculed

I am currently surrounded by a horde of loud, squealing children who are amped up on pack mentality, budding hormones, and spring.  “Just the kind of scenario to scare those considering having children into their senses,” I smugly thought.

And then, because life delights in showing us who’s boss at least 23 times a day, I remembered something: even though I’ve worked with children of all ages for a robust amount of years, I still managed to erase every unpleasant memory, scream, frustration, and lice-infested recollection from my mind, twice.

For someone who’s seen the seedy underbelly of child care for over a decade, all that horror certainly didn’t stop me from breeding, and from thinking that bringing that kind of loud chaos into my life was nothing except for AWESOME.

Conclusion: Humans are stupid, and filled with useless advice.
Alternate conclusion: Hanging out with kids?  Probably not that bad.

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