A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!


This is how I feel most of the time:

But sometimes, I feel more like this:

It’s almost as if it were not the same person.

One person is goofy, makeup-less, possibly naïve to a fault.  She likes to make people laugh, sometimes at her expense.  She makes faces and may stick her fingers in her nose just to make you wriggle/laugh/gag.

The other one gets stares, and not just of the ought-to-be-committed variety.  She knows how to navigate high heels and perhaps looks like she might know how to dance in them.  But she looks just as much at home out of those heels, just lazing about in some fun and grown-up kind of place, waiting for fancy calories to be brought out.

Sometimes I behave like the top picture when I should be behaving like the bottom picture, and vice versa.  I still don’t know how to flirt well.  And when I take a mouthful, I usually end up shoveling instead of daintily nibbling.

Maybe someday I’m going to introduce the two ladies above, and then tell them both to either stay put, or to come out only when appropriate.

But I still think any occasion is a good occasion for a clown nose.

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