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Two Hundred Seventy-One

So many numbers to mark so many occasions.  Well, today is day number two hundred seventy-one out of three hundred sixty-five, and today I feel proud of having made it this far into my Project 365.  So here I am sharing a slideshow of my pictures with you.

As my own curator, I am biased about the content; however I can see the evolution of my picture-taking and of the year itself.  The darker, more jeweled-toned winter months are contrasted with the sparkle and saturated color of the summer months, and yet the spectrum kind of wraps around itself and comes full-circle.

Um yeah.  Okay so here– enjoy:



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2 thoughts on “Two Hundred Seventy-One

  1. Great photos! I’m glad you’re still posting them!

  2. Hey.. I am searching words to express my feelings. The photos are just awesome. You have done an outstanding job. I can’t guess many of the photographs?! I like all the night effect photographs. thanks a lot for sharing this. Continue this great job 🙂

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