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Les Jambes (Day two hundred forty-nine), originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

You know what is an interesting exercise? Hearing yourself described by a person who is just getting to know you.

It gives you a glimpse of what kind of first impression you make, and sometimes it can provide clues as to how people perceive you, as opposed to how you think you are perceived.

Perception versus reality: they are not the same thing, but you think they are.

You know what else isn't quite the same? What you're saying and what you think you're saying.

Few people can be as objective as the lens of a camera when looking at and listening to another speak. And even with a camera lens, there are things such as distortions and aberrations; so it's actually a wonder we humans can communicate and make points at all, considering that we are dealing with flawed and selfish and downright WRONG ways of communicating and understanding each other.

Honestly, I am writing this and thinking about it and it just exhausts me.

Yes. I am going to therapy.

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3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. I’m very well aware of this, and I do try to make clear, when speaking, to say exactly what I intend to say. However, the more exasperated I become at everyone not understanding a word that comes out of my mouth, the wors it becoms until im js spwn gbbersh n no onelisnzanymre *thunk*

  2. *chuckles* You’ve just listed the reasoning behind my favorite quote: There are three sides to any story – your side, my side, and the truth.
    It’s also the reason why I will paraphrase anything that is said to me to make sure I do understand what the other person is saying. Often I find that my understanding of words and phrases is different from other people. This helps to clear up confusion.

  3. I understand this so well. I have such a skewed view of myself, I’m often shocked when new, reasonable, rational people express an opinion of me. Over the past decade I’ve started to see myself as a truly “better on paper” type of human, and I’ve become more and more awkward in face-to-face situations. I wonder who the hell I am all the time.
    And god knows, I could really use some therapy.

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