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The Hip Not Taken (Day two hundred forty-two), originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

It's no secret: I love September.

September has its problems, of course: after all, school starts around this time of year and I HATED school for many, many years. I have dramatically revised that view in light of a couple of facts:

1. The more school you attend, the more fun it becomes
2. Jesus Tap-dancing Christ! Schools take your children for HOURS at a time, and many do it FOR FREE! Are they insane?!

Back to September: there is something magical about it. Now, I realize I may have used the word "magical" to refer to pretty much every single month of the year. Here's an unscientific breakdown:

January: Magical winter! With magical warm spell somewhere in there!
February: Magical Valentine's day! Magical frostbite! Magical Don Meow's birthday!
March: Magically delicious on account of Leprechauns! Magical cherry blossoms! Magical first day of spring!
April: Magical spring! More magical blossoms! Magical rise of temperatures!
May: Magical roses! Magical dogwoods! Magical disappearing hemlines!
June: Magical sixteen-hour-of-sunlight days! Magical sweat!
July: Magical fireworks! Magical heatwave! Magical barbecue!
August: Magical sweltering heat! Magical produce! Magically quieter city!

I brought on the magic and I have made myself puke. God, how can anyone be so damn perky all year long? But the point is that out of ALL THAT MAGIC, September is pretty much as filled with fairy dust and happiness as is possible– really.

Because September is cheerfully ordinary, and somehow, we all sigh a sigh of relief. Life can start as we know it, once again.

There is comfort in routine– the same comfort that starts to chafe and stifle in a few short months*, true, but that for now feels like a familiar pair of slippers or an object to hold which comforts us and whose shape we know so well we can imagine its contours with our eyes closed.

Life takes on a sharp focus, just like mornings do– some warmer still, but many more taking on that defined ring of crispness that means we can slow down and bundle up and cozy up inside.**

Happy Magical September, everyone!


* I am seriously starting to suspect that some people are never, ever stifled or chafed by routine.

** I feel I should do the rest of the Magical year.
October: Magical pumpkins! Magical motherfreaking HALLOWEEN!
November: Magical THANKSGIVING! Magical Herr Meow's birthday! Magical tons of days off!
December: December is not magical. Sorry.

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2 thoughts on “In Focus

  1. Your post reminded me so much of the Adam West Batman series. LOL.
    Holy Magical Pumpkins, Batman!
    Thanks for the good cheer!

  2. I love the photo.
    Also, your listing for December made me laugh. You are funny.

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