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Night, Beautiful Night

Public Transportation, Anyone? (Day two hundred four), originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

To say that I love the night would be an understatement.

Everything that by day looks dirty, grimy, sad or tired, takes on a new coat of paint and shimmers in light when it's dark outside.

Night transforms the ugliest, most pissed-upon corners of the city into mysterious alleys, rife with possibilities and innuendo. The magnolias, the tuberoses and the moonflowers emit their most intoxicating notes to drown out the human soil and pollution.

By night, the city's acne is deflected by millions of twinkling bulbs, which smooth out her pockmarks and give her a veiled aura of possibility.

I know bad things happen at night, too. But on a night as pretty as this one, the darkness itself seems to be blind to anything but the possibility of something — anything — to break the routine of gritty, naked, outlined day.

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2 thoughts on “Night, Beautiful Night

  1. Lovely photo! Were you sitting at cafe outdoors?

  2. I agree totally! I’m a night person as well for these same reasons… although I don’t know that I’ve ever expressed them as eloquently as you just did. 🙂

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