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What You See, What You Get

Dog In Yard (Day one hundred ninety-six), originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

Sometimes, there is real value in knowing what you're getting yourself into, or out of.
Sometimes, people are not straightforward. Situations are not straightforward.

People lie. People deceive you. Circumstances help hide the truth from you. And the truth, fickle, eel-like thing that it is, finds a way to slip around any and all constructs. And if you don't watch it, it electrocutes you on its way to freedom.

So this is perhaps why I can really appreciate this situation and this picture, and the friendly dog who allowed me to take her picture more than once without growling or becoming agitated.

Thank you, Paisley, you darling dog in the yard, for being you.

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3 thoughts on “What You See, What You Get

  1. I love it. Fabulous shot!

  2. I love it, too! It’s just perfect.

  3. That’s wonderful! I should put a sign on our house that says “people in house.” 😉 Yes, I am with you, it’s so much easier when you truly get what you see… : ) Silke

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