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They May Call Me the “Theobromine Pusher”


Apologies are in order for the dramatic tone of the last post but apparently something was up.

Last night I was so tired and I really wanted to sleep, but I was so jumpy and tired and uncomfortably warm.  I mean, yes, it's been warmer again and all that, but it was just ridiculously warm.

And man.  I really wanted chocolate.  I started reviewing in my mind all the places where I have ever kept chocolate in the house in the past, and realized that I only had one bar lurking in the fridge.

But at 10:30 pm, it just seemed a little too decadent to eat a whole chocolate bar by myself.

And then there was the whole bit about jumping up ten feet in the air every time I heard a noise, and freaking out and mind racing, more than usual.


So okay, come on audience: what do you think would drive an otherwise-normal person to be an (even more) irrational, paranoid, overwhelmed and whiny-blogging mess who craves chocolate at strange times of day?

If you reply or email me the answer by the end of the day, I will send you a couple of bars of chocolate.

Because I'm thinking you might need it, too.

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6 thoughts on “They May Call Me the “Theobromine Pusher”

  1. I guessed from your gmail status that this has something to do with a certain auntie. 😀

  2. Well, you’re either becoming a woman again…and dreading it like I usually do, or you’re pregnant….which think is less likely….lol….but LAWDY do I hate the uncomfortable warmth that goes with either situation!! 🙂 Oh ya, this is my first time commenting also..lol..sorry, I was a creepy lurker!! ;P

  3. My guess:
    Ghost in yer house, I blame them.
    Or your period, either one is no good. 🙂

  4. Stress. Especially since you have so much that you want to get done right now.

  5. Hmmmm Liz notes a couple of the potential contenders. For me, it can also just be stress in general. I always find myself itching then for some chocolate.
    But then again, I find myself craving chocolate just about every day!!

  6. Caffeine always makes me all wired and jumpy and crave weird things in the middle of the night.

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