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I Feel Busy (Not So Sure About Witty or Light)

The problem with technology is that it cannot read your body language and pick up on your avoidance clues.  It just sits there, patiently humming and standing by and, before you know it, you have ONE THOUSAND pieces to read in your Google Reader.  

One thousand things calling my attention:  things that at some point in time I have deemed precious and worthwhile enough to add to my reader, so I can keep up with them. 

One thousand plus things still waiting for my attention, only it seems they are the thousand closest to the bottom of the totem pole.

This is a new feeling for me: the feeling of having things to do and feeling like I may not have enough time to do them as much or as well as I would like.  It all started with baby number two; and then with Monsieur Meow traveling more and more; then picking up my local writing project; now I'm taking a photography class; and trying to run (ha!); and attempting to introduce some yoga routine into my life as well.  Suddenly life has taken on that old but familiar urgency of long-ago– the weird, adrenalin-fueled stabs at making more things work in the same amount of time.

"I am a Type B!" I want to tell my life.  "We're supposed to be laid back!"

She laughs and points out that I always seem to have time for Facebook. 

(But it's Facebook!  EVERYONE has time for Facebook– it's like a God-given right.)

Today the day and night balance each other perfectly, on their way to wintry short days and lack of light.  Seems fitting to want to make changes in this season that does just that.

Thank you to all who have commented since my last entry: I appreciate you greatly, and hope to be replying to you in some form or another in the near future.

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3 thoughts on “I Feel Busy (Not So Sure About Witty or Light)

  1. Is this a goodbye? I totally understand what you’re saying. Sometime it all seems like s much, right?

  2. You know, I actually wasn’t saying goodbye. But I think if you read today’s post, you’ll understand why my tone was so dramatic. Thanks for the understanding though– and yes, it does.

  3. As a completely dedicated type B, I can empathize with that whole “feeling overextended” thing. And yes, there’s ALWAYS time for Facebook.

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