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Grace in Small Things: 8/365

Artistic Turd, originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

1. Yes. That's poop. I took the picture today at the Arboretum because poop makes me laugh. People taking their dogs to poop at the Arboretum doesn't make me nearly as happy –it's rather upsetting. But taking pictures of poop was among the easiest, most gleeful of things. And bonus: Herr Meow laughing at me taking pictures of poop. The boy gets it: his mother is a weirdo.

2. A good three-year checkup. YAY!

3. BROCCOLI KITTEH!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

4. Rotisserie chicken with fall-off-the-bone meat, sitting pretty in tis nice plastic container and ready to come over to my house and gladden my hearth. NOM.

5. BROCCOLI KITTEH!!!!!! <3<3<3 (oh, and visiting the Arboretum on an unseasonably warm day, too).

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2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things: 8/365

  1. Great. A gassy cat. Just what everybody needs.

  2. Wow. TWO references to Broccoli Kitteh. That’s a lot of love for Broccoli Kitteh.

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