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Grace in Small Things: 6/365

1. Top Gear.  Who cares that we're in a recession when Jeremy Clarkson is here to tell me about the newest, fastest, awesomest cars ever and then do ridiculous challenges with his cohosts?

2. Pigeon pose, and some mightily relaxed haunches. (However, I so do not look like the lady on the pose…)

3. Cashmere anything.  Well, okay, sweaters and socks and throws is more along the lines of what I mean, because I think it would be creepy to wear cashmere underwear, you know?

4. A really good steak, cooked nicely and eaten when you're hungry.

5. Funny typos.  Heh.

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2 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things: 6/365

  1. Pigeon pose is goofy looking but it feels so good!

  2. Cashmere underwear actually sounds pretty good. I wonder if I could knit up a pair?

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