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Odds, Ends

I am very tired.  This is actually what I am blogging about tonight, more than anything because it's still NaBloPoMo  and I don't want to let go with only two days to go.  We've just finished watching Kung Fu Panda and now we're tackling some episodes of Bones, and I'm still in a nice turkeyish trance, courtesy of leftovers.

Seriously, this is not a bad way to end a week.  And bonus?  I cannot believe my little man will turn three tomorrow.  It seems like a nebulous and distant past when I gave birth to him, and when I could wear tank tops and flip flops in lat November.

Where did this year go anyway?

How about you out there in blogland?  Any Black Friday shopping?  Any good stories?  Any relatives gone wild?

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One thought on “Odds, Ends

  1. Happy birthday, Herr Meow!
    Yesterday I took some of my daughter’s old clothes to a children’s consignment store and ended up getting more store credit than I spent. So I had a net income for Black Friday, oddly.

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