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And the Elephant Shall Lie Down With the Donkey

Don't Forget To Vote Cupcakes!!!, originally uploaded by Madame Meow.

Even though today is a crappy and rainy day in our Nation's Capital, the feeling is incredible. I don't think I'd seen so many happy and smiling faces, eagerly anticipating their turn at civic duty as I did today.

I am serious about this: people on the streets were happy. They were radiant. They wore their little "I Voted" stickers or held them proudly stuck to their index fingers or carefully between pincers and they smiled as they walked out of the many polling places here around my beloved Capitol Hill.

Believing that your vote doesn't count is an immature way of behaving today, people. You know all that talk about freedom and democracy and rights that people –candidates, media, pundits, etc.– love to bring out?

It's all for a day like today: because we get to be happy and walk to our polling places with smiles on our faces, knowing that we can connect the little arrow or press the lever without fearing for our lives.


Saying you don't vote is denying this beautiful day.
Saying you don't vote is spitting in the face of those who've worked so hard and sacrificed themselves for attaining that right.

Saying you don't vote only shows you're the kind of person whose ego is at once too small to think your vote might count and too large to think your vote should count more than anyone else's because it's yours.

Please vote. And remember: you don't have to tell anyone how you voted if you don't want to do so.

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One thought on “And the Elephant Shall Lie Down With the Donkey

  1. anOCgirl on said:

    voting rocks! i hate when people say their vote doesn’t count.

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