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Modern Witchcraft

You know what's pretty amazing?


I know I've seen that nose before but I just can't place it.

Behold, the MeowTwo.  And no, we're still not finding out the sex. 

Did you still want to guess in our little guessing game?  Go to ExpectNet and in the "Invited Guests" area, type in "MeoWagerTwo".  Thanky!

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4 thoughts on “Modern Witchcraft

  1. Wow! What a cutie. 🙂
    It was lovely meeting you at BlogHer DC!

  2. Very beautiful… aren’t babies amazing!? My sister just found out she was pregnant with her first… and my first niece or nephew! I keep seeing that scene from “Under the Tuscan Sun” in my head… “I’m going to be an auntie!!”

  3. Yippee. Glad I could share the excitement with you. Definitely recognize that nose too.

  4. What a lovely nose.
    And I love the nickname MeowTwo.

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