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Same Book, Different Night

Hi Internets!  Go read my not-so-oldie-but-still-totally-applicable post "And I'm Curling Up With a Good, Non-Partisan Book"— because tonight is the final debate and so blerg.

I made the mistake of listening to about 10 seconds, and here is all I have to say:

Obama: Taxing small business owners is not a very good idea, since these people may appear like they are making more money but yet are providing jobs and taking really hard financial hits in tough times.

McCain: Baby, get yourself some dentures that fit– those esses were driving me insane, and I only saw you speak for less than five minutes.  Also, the weird blinking: necessary?

Score-keeper Martin: You're a point whore. 

Debate people: "Around the Horn" did it first and better.  You, sirs, are no "Around the Horn."

Also, StatBoy is cute.  Look into that.

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2 thoughts on “Same Book, Different Night

  1. Actually, I’m pretty sure Obama said he would only be taxing larger businesses, and that small businesses would specifically be exempt. 🙂

  2. oooh! Statboy is cute 🙂 By the way, I was thinking about you yesterday because I met a boy from DC while volunteering at our local SPCA up here in Montreal. I almost asked him if he knew Madame Meow, because, well, you never know, but given the context of working with cats and dogs, I thought he might think I was a qwack. ha ha.

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