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Thou Shalt Not Allot Attention to “Alot”

Of all the egregious mistakes made in the written English language, one of the dopiest and more puzzling could be the one where people "forget" to type in a space between the words "a" and "lot", also known as "alot".

I mean, the only word that could be the possible source of confusion for these sad souls is the word "allot"  which, while pronounced exactly the same, is not exactly a word that comes easily to most of the people who are making the mistake in the first place. 

It's an unexplainable mistake, in my eyes.  I mean, if people took three seconds to reread, they would realize that the pronunciation isn't even the same: "a lot" is "uh LAHT" and "alot" would be…. "AY-laht"?  "AAH-lit"?  I don't even know exactly, but surely THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

Alot: It's more than just a careless mistake.  It's just plain evil.

It's a lot evil.

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