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Happy 8-8-8!

Longing for Bikini Bottom
Originally uploaded by Madame Meow

Just wanted to wish my favorite people in all of the Internets a happy 8-8-8! Here is my contribution to the Flickr 888 pool.   As you can see, poor Spongebob really needs to get back home.  Although I think my title is clever, my husband's was cleverer.  He called it, "So Close to Rehydration."

Either way, I hope you look at it and laugh.

The 888 pool is a fun experiment in which Flickr members around the world take pictures on a specific day (last year it was Cinco de Mayo) and put them all in a pool, so you can see what was happening around the world on that day. It's fun and it's moving and if you haven't taken a picture yet and uploaded it, you should! And if you don't belong to Flickr, at least take a look around, will ya?

Happy Friday!!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Happy 8-8-8!

  1. Glad I stumbled on this post. This was my first laugh of the day.

  2. LOL that pic of Sponge Bob is so sad!

  3. LOL that pic of Sponge Bob is so sad!

  4. Too funny – Poor Sponge Bob he’s fallen and can’t get up!

  5. poor sponge bob! that photo is hilarious & so are your caption & your husband’s!

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