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You Still Didn’t Ask, But Here I Am Telling You Anyway (x2)

Hmmm….. okay.  I will do a double whammy: another blast from the past, on cravings and other pregnant myths (or not?), and I will also admit to liking the following foods –though most perhaps not in the order listed:

French Fries (um…. anything potato, really)
Hamburgers (okay, these two are pretty much in order)
Oxtails (I know, odd)
Cashews (the superior nut)
Pickles (pregnancy or no)
Onions (however you dice them, or slice them)
Pasta (mmmmmmmmm!  Although, it HAS to be al dente– no mush for me)
Black cherry preserves (these are my favorites)
Veggie sandwiches from Subway, with extra mustard and onions
Chee-tos (oh boy)
Skittles (ooooooh boy)
Vanilla-almond granola

Okay…. there.  How about you?

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3 thoughts on “You Still Didn’t Ask, But Here I Am Telling You Anyway (x2)

  1. cristina on said:

    Green mango — diced and salted.
    habas saladas
    arepa con mantequilla y sal
    maduro frito

  2. speaking of hamburgers, have you been to ray’s hellburger yet? it’s been getting lots of great reviews. i’m sure i’ll check it out soon, but nothing compares to an in-and-out burger.

  3. cristina on said:

    Where is Ray’s Hellburger?

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