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Dreams Can Come True

Originally uploaded by Madame Meow

So remember the other day when I was whining….

…wait. Does it seem that I’m always whining? I thought I’d check, because I get that feeling too. Oh man, I’m sorry you guys. I am a total whiner huh? Okay but anyway, I WAS whining about wanting yucca (cassava) badly and wildly. And, lo and behold!


I must confess a couple of things:

1. It’s been at least 20 years since I’ve had it.


2. It was Rev. Meow who made it (thank yooooooooooooooooou Rev Mommy!!).

But it was SO GOOD you guys, I’m still relishing the flavors and reminiscing fondly as I stare at the kind-of-not-that-good picture of my dinner.

See? I’m not whining anymore! Yay!

Behold the power of sancocho.

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2 thoughts on “Dreams Can Come True

  1. There is nothing quite like a childhood meal made by your mom. We cry every year if we don’t get Scottish shortbreads and cowpatties.

  2. I don’t remember ever “hearing” you whine…
    My sister and I grew up on cold cereal and Pop Tarts, my mom can’t cook to save her soul, but my Grandma – now SHE could cook, and she taught me how to cook so well that now my mom calls me to learn how to do something… lol
    that looks incredible, by the way…

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