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And Most Things Seem Possible With the Help of a Really Good Shredder

If you are a regular to this space, you may be wondering what on God’s green earth happened to me. 

I probably won’t be able to condense, as I’m aiming for brevity here, but here we go:

1. “God’s green earth” is actually a cruel, cruel joke around these here parts.  California has been burning everywhere and it’s at times scary and at times frustrating.  True– Chaparral forests will burn, as is their wont.  But when you know that the fire that held you up for hours somewhere between Santa Cruz and Monterey in the amazingly and unbelievable temperature of 94 degrees was caused by someone and not by the sheer forces of nature, it’s a little harder to understand the will of nature.

2. Do you have a yearning in your heart for leading a less complicated existence?  Pretend you’re moving and can only ship a very select amount of belongings!  You’ll be struck at just how useless most things suddenly appear.  Right, Rev. Mom?

3. One of the most amazing things of early pregnancy (and you may feel free to roll your eyes at this whole item) is the fact that your sense of smell becomes like a weird superpower.  I am Super Smelling Pregnant Lady, and I can tell there is a magnolia three blocks away!  SHAZAM!

4. It’s amazing how nearly 20 years’ worth of memories can fit in two boxes.

5. It’s even more amazing how 10 years’ worth of living in one place can produce three obscene trips to Goodwill that didn’t even appear to make a dent.

6. A two-year old can reduce your vocabulary to “NO!” and its derivatives, “DON’T!” and “STOP!”

7. One or two really good friends can make ten okay-acquaintances seem nearly pointless.

More later, promise.  July is just around the corner, and with it comes the food-themed NaBlo.

Because I’m insane.

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7 thoughts on “And Most Things Seem Possible With the Help of a Really Good Shredder

  1. Vixen on said:

    My Mom always had two signs around the house.
    “Insanity is contagious. You get it from your children.”
    “Pobody’s Nerfect”
    I need to get copies of those signs. 🙂
    It is amazing how we all tend to collect mostly useless things and consider them ‘important momentos’ until we need to move into something smaller and have to get rid of most of them. Everytime we move we get rid of 80% of our belongings, promise not to collect so much again, and find we did it again the next time we move.
    We are considering moving within the next year and have realized…oops, we did it again 😛

  2. anOCgirl on said:

    when i moved in with the BF, i made so many trips to goodwill and trashed so many useless things that i just couldn’t believe i still had to take two full carloads to my new place.
    and #7 is sooo true!

  3. I feel like you and I are using the same three words (you with your two year old, and me with the dog).
    And ttotally understand… there are times when things are going on which have you distracted. Or maybe you just don’t feel like you want to talk about them.
    Hope you have a good weekend…

  4. You know, an EF-5 tornado is a very effective way of reducing that clutter in a hurry.. but I wouldn’t recommend it as a viable option…

  5. I may bite (no pun intended, I swear!) on July’s NaBloPoMo. Food is one of my favorite subjects, after all…
    I agree with you about #7.
    Welcome back, and please don’t be gone so long next time :-).

  6. Hope everything works out okay. I was down in San Diego during the fires in October and I can’t imagine going through that.

  7. Don’t worry, I’ve been AWOL for a while, too. Lives sometimes get in the way of blogging, God-forbid! LOL!

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