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The Post That Almost Lived on Without a Title

Several things:

1. Typepad changed the "compose post" layout.  Aaack!  I was having a minor freakout for a few seconds, thinking I'd somehow stumbled into the wrong place or a twilight zone of weirdness where nothing is as it was.  Which it isn't but please, don't make me repeat myself.

2. My last post was #666.  Yikes!  I told you, Momzillas are evil and even my post counter thingy knows it.

3. Go to Zen Sarcasm Reviews! to read about a new book called The Yummy Mummy Manifesto.  It's very cute and a good read.  Please go?

4. Davdid Archuleta is going to win, isn't he?  If so, I'm wishing him a merry Jordin Sparks career.  Booooo.

5. I promised the very talented and awesome news source Anita of Prairie Dreams that I'd do a meme tonight so here goes.  It's time to reveal six weird things about me:

  • As of today, May 20th 2008, I've never had one cavity in my life.  I realize in these days of modern dentistry and fluoridated water and whatnot it's not as big a deal.  But hey, I think that going 31 years without a cavity is kind of… weird at least.
  • I like stale cookies, because I like my cookies soft, not crunchy. Whenever cookies accidentally stay out or opened just a bit and they go all soft and stale, I secretly rejoice.
  • I like the smell of dead skunk on the road.  It smells kind of grassy and exotic and oddly happy.
  • It won't ruin my day if it doesn't happen, but I strongly prefer to get up on the right side of the bed and place my right foot down first.
  • Recently, I had a bite of a tofu pup (fake hot dog) and the mouth feel of the whole thing (semi-crunchy casing, semi-solid innards) nearly made me vomit.  Never again, my friends.
  • I like Peeps.  It's the sugary crunch, I think.

Hmmm…. not a stellar diet, but oh well, right?  I am supposed to tag six people, so I think that I'll tag the last six comments, Anita excluded.  Yay!  You're it(s)!

More tomorrow!

PS: ACK!  A title is like oxygen!  How could this happen?!  I blame Typepad.  And Mac.

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2 thoughts on “The Post That Almost Lived on Without a Title

  1. LOL @ the dead stunk! I like tofu and it’s VERY good for you! Never tried the hotdog variety, though. Got a friend of mine to try it for the first time by disguising it (cleverly) as an egg salad sandwich. She didn’t know what she was eating and after she finished it, I told her! She loved it!
    She likes Peeps, like you, but ewww!
    Congrats on never having a cavity! Woohoo for modern toothpaste and toothbrushes as well as fluoridated water!

  2. – I’m so with you on the stale cookies! I especially like stale ginger snaps. I actually put them away improperly sealed on purpose, I love them so much.
    – I also like Peeps… stale peeps actually, since we’re on the subject of stale dessert-type food. I love it when they get sort of chewy and weird. They remind me of the marshmallows in Lucky Charms, and really the chewy marshmallows are the ONLY reason to eat Lucky Charms, am I right?
    – I wish I had your luck with cavities. I’ve had soooooo many despite the fact that I take impeccable care of my teeth and rarely eat sweets. My dentist has told me my saliva chemistry is probably inhospitable, whatever that means. I take it to mean my mouth is trying to destroy itself without my permission.
    – I hate Tofu Pups as well, but for different reasons. My ex-husband used to eat them in the car on road trips like they were potato chips or something… raw… right out of the package. I have a sensitive stomach and am always getting carsick on long rides, so yeah… the nauseating stench of raw Tofu Pups being devoured a foot away was too much for me. I can’t even think about the things without getting queasy.

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