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“U” is for Umbrellaless

Today I’ve had an all-out gardenfest, and it’s been great.

I missed spring and my garden and the ability to just watch my own things grow.  I drove Monsieur Meow insane pointing out the wild wisterias abloom all across I-95 and the wildflowers on the side of the road in North and South Carolina and the dogwoods and the redbuds and all the fun things that were blooming earlier and earlier as we moved south.  And later as we moved back up north, I kept track of all the things that were blooming in the more southern latitudes but not yet up north.

Having grown up in a place where it’s pretty much always some sort of spring/autumn combination, I realized that tropical plants scare me.  Apart from palms and a few bromeliad-looking things, I am psychologically unequipped to handle things like Angel’s Trumpets and Bougainvillea.

Which is why I felt a little bit of relief realizing that Floridians like to plant less exotic things such as Impatiens and grass– lots of it.


So yes.  I know the weather here in DC has been really quite crappy; however, it’s the perfect weather for playing with my own brand of tiny mudcakes and for transplanting and repotting plants.  So today I’ve transplanted some basil and catmint and planted Nasturtiums and trained peas and sweet peas and a Clematis and killed aphids and sowed a few seeds and cleaned up and oh!  The garden life is for me.

All this was done in the rain and umbrellaless, and honestly, there is no better feeling than to tend to your own little green babies under a spring rain.

Happy Earth Day tomorrow– how are you planning on celebrating?

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2 thoughts on ““U” is for Umbrellaless

  1. Sounds like heaven!!
    Since our house won’t be done until at least November, and we can’t plant anything here in FEMAville, the county has created a community garden… we are renting a 15’x15′ “lot” for only $10 for the summer, and the water is free! How cool is that?
    Still can’t wait to be planting in my own garden…

  2. Wow – your garden sounds amazing! I can’t even keep up with a plant, haha 🙂 Very jealous of your spread.

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