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“T” is for Thunderstorm!


As pretty and refreshing as rain is, there are few things as scary as having to share the highway with 10,000 of your closest motorist friends under a really thick downpour that coats the windshield with water so thickly you swear you cannot see past the end of the hood, if that.

Especially when those motorists think that driving at 55-60 miles per hour is a total grandma speed.

And especially when about 50% of those Speedy Gonzalez-type motorists happen to be very large 18-wheelers, whose eighteen wheels are busy splashing all kinds of water in your general direction.

And when the other motorists like to leave their lights off, leaving you to guess their location by cussword-laden pings.

I’m glad to be home and hearing the distant  and not-so-distant thunderclaps from my own comfy house.

More later.

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3 thoughts on ““T” is for Thunderstorm!

  1. Heh, those thunderstorms gave Maryland lots of damage and tornado warnings … nothing wrong here at home though, just lots of wet. 🙂

  2. Hmm… another good reason to live in the middle of nowhere.. lol
    After the tornado wiped out 95% of our town last year, storms make me nervous… and they never did before…

  3. OMG. were you on 81? This always happens to me on 81 when it’s raining. Apparently, this is a major truck route through VA and there’s tons of them on the road. 2 lane road + pouring rain + 18 wheelers = no fun!

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