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“P” is for Parenting

First off, I am going to share an excerpt of my blog post over at Zen Sarcasm Reviews, where I reviewed a book called Mama Rock’s Rules: Ten Lessons for Raising a Household of Successful Children and which I think many of you with children might enjoy.

I must admit that when I first received the book I’ll be reviewing for (…) , I wasn’t too impressed.

The jaded part of me (96.7% at last check) was wondering what the
mother of someone famous –in this case Rose Rock happens to be
comedian Chris Rock’s mother– would ever teach me about parenting.  I
remember rolling my eyes a little, huffing about how anyone gets a book deal these days.

But Rose Rock, if you’re reading this I just want to say that I
would love to sit at your kitchen table anytime.  You have created a
believer here, and I thank you.  And I can’t wait to try your recipes!!!

Teaser over (which I hope prompts you to go over there and read the rest, pretty please), I happen to be wiped out.

I have a two-year old who keeps calling me "mom" and only whips out the "mommy" when he is being disciplined, and in his most plaintive please-stop-killing-me voice.

He is a ball of energy who is never sated– he jumps and whirls and twirls and runs and asks and pokes and talks to the ants and wants to be in everything and hang from everything and DO EVERYTHING.

And this is just before 9:30 am.

His vocabulary has exploded and we’re regularly treated to very long sentences –so long, in fact that we can’t even remember them whatsoever.  I strongly suspect this also has to do with our brains having slowly evolved into some sort of jello-ish substance that cogitates primitively for survival alone. 


Incidentally, I have always wanted to be the kind of person who remembers conversations so well and with such nitidity that she can recount long pieces of everyday conversation with little or no problem.  I used to be bad and then I had to get up to a toddler begging for evil Dragon Tales on a near-daily basis.

But yes.  Being a parent is what ages people, which is why Hollywood stars who want to defy aging hire nannies.  And then there is Madonna, who is just freaky and cannot be avoided as she smiles weirdly from the covers of both Vanity Fair and Elle magazine.  *shudder*

What was I saying?

Oh yes.  Parenting: it’s a bear.

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2 thoughts on ““P” is for Parenting

  1. And yet, I am a Madonna fan (if ‘fandom’ is actually what’s transpiring here, because it’s not like I run out and buy her albums) because, unlike so many of the female Hollywood diva troupe, she has a reputation of being a real person when it comes to motherhood, even if her external activities border on the eye-roll worthy (odd adoption techniques, for example). In comparison to Britney Spears, say, she’s practically ho-hum!

  2. Madonna is one of the few celebrities I could say I’m a fan of…I remember buying her first album! I love people who don’t give a sh** what other people think! (my hero growing up was Cher…lol)

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