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“O” is for Omakase

There is something very final and very bold about the word Omakase.

First off, let me explain: Omakase is Japanese for "trusting" or "entrusting."  The word is usually encountered by us gaijin in Sushi bars, if we’re feeling adventurous and want the chef to offer us his wont.  It could be some really good, lustrous tuna sashimi at a really good price; or it could be something a little more initially shocking, like some recently-deceased slimi tako tentacles, sticking to your tongue with every bite.

Or it could even be pufferfish, which if in the hands of a neophyte chef can kill you.

I am not brave enough for omakase.


But there it is, the chef’s choice.

Entrusting your entire meal– or even your life– to another individual, is a very final concept.  And yet, it is a fascinating one.


However, in some strange way we bloggers, who are like little Ronin of the Interwebs, live for providing Omakase: the act of feeding all our little sushi-boat readers our own blend of delicacies and rarities, all the while hoping that they will submit entirely to our will and we will get to dazzle and impress and delight, and that they will not once gasp at the bill.

Conversely, sometimes we who write crave to submit to some omakase of our own.  We open up our eyes, comments, and our hearts to what otherwise complete strangers have to say and have to give of themselves to us.  Some comments are beautiful masterpieces, deeply-felt and poetic.  Some comments are perhaps the funniest thing we’ll ever read.  Some comments are eyebrow-raisers; some are involuntary head-scratchers; and a few are heartbreaking reminders that  there are some people in this life who weren’t loved enough by their mommies.

So here we are, dear readers: one running allusion to Japanese culture and a couple other sideshow attractions later, I only have one word to say to you.

And that word is Omakase.*

*Or, um, delurk; say hi; tell me a story; tell me what’s up; give me something to write about; tell me what your favorite entry is; give me a new blog to read; tell me you want to link up; et cetera.

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5 thoughts on ““O” is for Omakase

  1. anOCgirl on said:

    you are so nice! 🙂 these (heartbreaking reminders that there are some people in this life who weren’t loved enough by their mommies) are not the words i would’ve used to describe annoying commenters.

  2. I’m barely brave enough for wasibi, forget about pufferfish! Not enough “omakase” on my side 😉

  3. I’m something of a fan of Japanese culture (especially medieval culture), so I found your metaphors interesting. But please, ronin!? Even in modern Japanese the term has a derogatory meaning. I think bloggers are more akin to ji-samurai, feudal rulers of small estates hoping for wealth and power. Or, at least, more readers. 😀

  4. Hi lady! Just want to let you know that I’m still reading! Glad to still have you around 😉
    Natalie Ruth

  5. Oh, I loved your Omakase analogy. What a great word, and a cool post, to serve up to us.

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