A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm!

But “Insanity” Hath Only Eight Letterth

Wondering where all my delightful and tautologically redundant verbosity has gone?

Wonder no more, pilgrim, and instead feast on this tasteful and ever so mod banner to the right of us.

Here! ——->


Thirty days hath insanity, and this time the theme is LETTERS.

So.  I’ve been conserving energy.

Here goes something probably cheesy unedited:


The mouth-feel of each
Like pebbles
Or the warbling of doves.
Sometimes like spitting.
Or spicy and cédille, like tarragon or cloves.
They chorusline together and deliver everything
From base and vulgar
Through comical
To deepest eulogy.
They trip over ty-ops.
They rain and spit during a fight.
But no letter sounds sweeter
Than a baby’s first full AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

©Maria C. 2008

April is also National Poetry Month.
I’m actually… excited.

Even if my muse suffers from criminal corniness.

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3 thoughts on “But “Insanity” Hath Only Eight Letterth

  1. I am not ready for NaBloPoMo again, and I’m not sure I can do the theme thing, but I’ll be glad to watch! Are you going to mix things up and include poetry in every one of your April posts?

  2. No. More. NaBloPoMo. For me, anyway. You can go ahead and knock yourself out. 🙂

  3. good luck with nablopomo again! 🙂

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