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No Wolf, Just Peachy

Sometimes, I just feel like sharing something good and nice and wholesome.

This life is filled with way too many things that make us scream and rail and, to use a scientific term, make us lose our shit.

But this is something nice:


Pretty Roma tomatoes, homegrown parsley, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, olive oil.

Feast your eyes; feast your mouth; enjoy; smile.


Pee Ess: About the title– Solanum lycopersicum (or Lycopersicon esculentum) is the binomial name of the tomato.  "Lycopersicum"  means "wolf’s peach" because people thought tomatoes were evil. 

Silly silly primitive people.

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5 thoughts on “No Wolf, Just Peachy

  1. People used to ask me if I knew why the Lycos search engine used a dog as their mascot. I would say “yes”, and walk away.
    Mmmmm, I do so love tomatoes. 😀

  2. Mmmm, tomatoes. That picture makes me long for summer.
    Of course, last summer I got so many tomatoes from the CSA I’d joined that I couldn’t bear the sight or smell of them by the end of the growing season. Clearly, I’m over that now.
    And you grew the parsley yourself?

  3. Mmmmmmm. Yummy…

  4. Oooooh that looks fantastic! And I love the plate they’re on too. Beautiful.

  5. I found you through Crunchy Chicken.
    Though the myths may sound far fetched, tomatoes can indeed be evil, my friend. People diagnosed with cancer or precancerous cells are sometimes warned away from eating too many tomatoes and other plants related to the family Solanaceae or “Nightshades.” Awww, I’m sure you are saying as you recognize that name. Back in the day some dude changed it to esculentum, meaning edible, which saved these plants from extinction.
    Little did he know he was saving tomatoes which would later become linked to SAVING people from Cancer – http://www.holisticonline.com/cancer/cancer_tomatoes-and-cancer.htm

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