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Vernal Sins

Hello, spring.
Hello, Aries.
Hello, glorious high-highs and low-lows.
Hello, beauty that hurts the eyes and allergies idem.

Hello, days that linger and sparkle, and nights that spiral into a torpid frenzy of air conditioning and fanning.

Hello, less clothing.

Hello, more sunburns.

Hello, wishing for winter all over again.

One day everything is dormant, dead, dreary.


And the next, VIOLA!

Heh. Heh. Heh.  Get it?  Like voilà but…. heh.

Happy spring!

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3 thoughts on “Vernal Sins

  1. Love the poem and the pansies – so dainty.
    The only thing I wouldn’t be wishing for is winter. I’m so longing for the warm weather.

  2. i’m with frances here. i could never wish for winter. fall maybe, but never the cold winter brings. still hoping it could be 70 degrees all year round. 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous floral shot there! I am jealous. I feel like spring is non-existent here. Send some of the wonderful spring-ness you’re getting to your Northern neighbors, por favor!
    And, haha, I think my favorite line is “Hello, beauty that hurts the eyes and allergies idem”. Well-stated!

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