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The Entry I Won’t Be Referencing a Year From Now (Then Again, You Never Know)

I’m having a Twilight Zone moment.

I thought I’d already written a St. Joseph’s day entry, and it turns out that I hadn’t.

You’re drawing some sort of blank right now.  I forgive you.

Allow me to explain.


You see, I totally don’t feel like blogging today.  Well, I didn’t: obviously I’m here, right?  (please, no standing-O needed)

But yes… I definitely considered not blogging today.  Taking a break, and tackling things afresh tomorrow.  I considered pointing you to an oldie-but-goodie entry and being done with it– letting my past voices take it away and make much carousing and drivelly delicacying ( <–did I unwittlingly transform Herr Meow’s potty into a bong, unbeknownst to myself?) in your brain, as you read.

But as I looked through my archives I realized that I never wrote the entry I thought I’d written.

Which is weird, because I thought I had. 



Today is not just the day the war started, people.  It’s also the feast or Solemnity of St. Joseph.  (incidentally, it’s also the first day I ever talked to my future husband).

And St. Joseph is the patron saint of, well, husbands — among MANY, MANY other things.

And yeah.  That’s all I’m coming up with, seriously.  Although I must say that Joseph does fascinate me: the ultimate cuckold, and yet so quite obviously not– and so much more than the sum of the parts.

And then there is the maybe.

Anyway.  Happy St. Joseph’s day.  Will be back tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “The Entry I Won’t Be Referencing a Year From Now (Then Again, You Never Know)

  1. Gaaa, that’s quite the list of responsibilities … glad I’m not a dead saint, that looks like an awful lot of work.

  2. the first day you spoke to your future husband, on the day of the saint of husbands? How cool is that…

  3. Jenny on said:

    Why do you feel obligated to blog if you don’t feel like it? For heaven’s sake, this should be a fun thing, not a job for you! 🙂

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