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Shiny Happy Golden Men

Dude, okay.  Jon Stewart was FUNNY just now. 

I’m still chuckling over the "Atonement" joke and I’m not even Jewish, you know?

And lemme tell you, after having some major gastrointestinal disturbances  –which shall heretofore be called "The Viral Gastroenteritis That Ate Tokyo", only that, you know, I’ve been here and not in Tokyo, and my skin didn’t turn green and I didn’t really become a giant lizard, nor has poor Herr Meow the dear little baby, and I haven’t eaten anything either except for maybe some rice and some Gatorade, and if I start going into any bodily fluids PLEASE stop me– it’s hard to sustain a laugh for very long.

Aw.  The acceptance montage.  So sappylicious.

But seriously, this is just to say that I am enjoying the Oscars and I hope you are, too. 

And really, when there is so much pop culture attacking your eyeballs, you must submit to the power. 

Submit. To. The. Power.


And Katherine Heigl sucks.  There.  I said it.  What’s the matter, doll?  Getting 50 words out in a live setting too much for ya?  Rarg.

I loves me some Amy Adams, though. ❤

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3 thoughts on “Shiny Happy Golden Men

  1. “Golden Compass” for animation? Pah-lease.
    Anyway, I lost your RSS feed for some reason. Prob a hiccup on my end. Did I miss anything?
    Feel better. 🙂

  2. ugh. i hate katherine heigl. she kinda comes off as a snotty b*tch.
    also, i heart amy adams. and i think she looked great last night.
    and i loved javier bardem’s acceptance speech. i totally get why penelope cruz has the hots for him.
    must. stop. reading. celebrity. gossip. blogs.

  3. Dude… I’m so not about Katherine Heigl either. She’s really overrated, in my opinion. Over all it was a pretty pleasing Oscar ceremony though. Not too much that irritated me beyond words, you know? Last couple of years had me on the edge of losing the faith.
    ; )

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