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Basking In Love, Yogurt

A few delightful morsels:

1. Go to my review blog, "Zen Sarcasm Reviews" to read about Herr Meow’s and my experiences with some yummy yogurt

2. Did you go read that entry?  Because if you did, then you noticed that you can score some free yogurt!

3. A very belated thank you to the kind folks at Fuelmyblog for declaring this humble blog their blog of the day a few days ago!  Thank you so very much!!!

Happy early Valentine’s, dearies!  I hope to be more productive tomorrow!

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One thought on “Basking In Love, Yogurt

  1. Congrats on being FMB Blog o’ the Day! Now you can steal the award graphic off my site legally. 😛 And, I’m having some yogurt right now! Raspberry! Yummmmy.

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