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Wherein Pictures Do not Aid Matters

It did not occur to me that the $2.49 ream of construction paper –purchased on a whim for Herr Meow’s entertainment because it sounded like a good deal for 96 pages versus a drawing pad with just 40 pages priced at $3.99– was really for me.

That it was really for me to discover that cutting up paper into snowflakes or doilies, which once was a fun but decidedly not that meaningful pastime, would be such a fulfilling activity that it has taken over my brain.

And that, as a fringe benefit, it would also inspire Monsieur Meow to craft some kickass paper airplanes.

Here’s what I’ve been doing for the past two days, instead of… well, anything:

0129081957aYup.  That’s right.

I’ve been cutting up paper, and it’s so incredibly awesome it’s addictive.

And yes, this is just a lousy phone camera picture– I would take a real picture, but I forgot my firewire/USB cable thingy at home, so there is not much can be done in that department.

But okay.  Just feast your eyes and behold my scissor skills.


Pee Ess:  Just in case anyone out there is actually impressed, I did not use any templates or sketch anything.  I simply folded paper and went. 

And went.

Excuse me.  I need to cut up more paper now.

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6 thoughts on “Wherein Pictures Do not Aid Matters

  1. They are awesome! Whenever I try to do that I produce stuff which a kindy teacher would fail…

  2. They are awesome! Whenever I try to do that I produce stuff which a kindy teacher would fail…

  3. soooo cool! i bet herr meow was impressed. what did he think of mommy’s artistic abilities?

  4. I am artistically declined (reclined?) in these enddeavors. Scissors + paper = stick to blogging.
    I want the black one. 🙂

  5. Those are quite nifty. Keep a-snippin’!


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